The Only Reason Why You “Experience Stress”


Do you think that you are “stressed”, “worried” or “anxious”?

The Truth is that you are not and there is one, bigger reason why you think so, say so and feel so.

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Can This Music Livestream on YouTube Heal Your Mind?


I do not know however, I want you to try it out on yourself.

No other music, no other subliminal beat or anything else has ever made it possible for me to feel like the negative thoughts and energies are “transmuted” from bad ones into good ones than with the use of this music live stream.

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Uncensored Way to Discover Your Talents and Skills that can Make Living for you

How to Find Out at What Things You are Good at?

In order to become Financially FreeMentally Free or acquire Work Freedom, you must know what you are good at.

And to know what you are good at, you have to analyze yourself, because that is the way to do find it out.

By using this formula you will discover what things you are the best at and things that can be your side-hustles.

Therefore glue your eyes to the screen, concentrate your thoughts only on this subject and put your limbs in a focus mode.

Because this guide directs you to your own, forgotten best practices and talents.

What is my experience with something?

What do you have much experience with?

What do you have much experience with? Is it experience with creation of websites, or fitness, maybe biohacking or psychology?

Think of the areas in life where you have the most experience at.

One way to find this out is –

See what you can talk about, solve and predict the best!

See what you can talk about, solve or predict the best.

The indicators of experience in an aspect:

  • You are fast and good at solving problems/creating solutions/ideas in this area.
  • When you do it with others, you are the fastest one, best one or create the highest-quality results in that thing.
  • People ask you for advice related to this thing or often are interested in your knowledge about it.
  • You want to engage or help with that thing when a problem arises related to it.
  • It is not easy to fail or make small or mediocre output in that area.
  • When you start talking about it, people say that you are like a “walking Encyclopedia”.
  • Whenever you practice things related to that one area in life, you always create more advanced results, than the previous time.
  • You know how to make income, living and lasting legacy and recognization by practicing and doing that thing.

All these are sure-go signs that you have experience in that aspect or field.

Make sure to keep working on it, develop better skills at it, whatever it is, because it is most efficient to develop your existing strengths.

Therefore, answer to the question: “What do I have the most experience with?”

Gain Best Experience by Practicing Skills and Hobbies during Childhood and Adolescence

Your hobbies and skills during childhood and adolescence?

What were your hobbies, interests, and skills you liked and were good at during your childhood and teen years?

Think up all the ones that you can remember because 30% of your strength in a particular aspect comes from them.

Everything that you did at childhood which gave you joy, that you had lots of hours spent on.

Remember what it was and see if it matches the indicators of What you can talk about, solve and predict the best!

Master Continuous Perfection in Things, Skills, Hobbies, Practices, Habits and in Business by Spending 10000 Plus Hours on Them

The Thing/-s you have spent 10 000+ Hours On

The Thing and hobbies, practices, habits and areas of life you have spent 10 000+ Hours On are the ones that you are generally better and more successful at than other subjects.

Know your 10 000+ Hour practices and see if you have obtained enough experience at that and if you can talk about it at the dinner table with your family.

Because something on which you have 10 000+ Hours of practice at, will generally be handy to use and you will be able to adapt to it even better.

That being said, memorize it or write it down and see if you spent a good proportion of time on that during childhood and your teenage years.

Once you know that one thing, then you also know what practice you can use to obtain Financial Freedom by knowing how to offer it to other people.

Generally, the things you have spent ten thousand and more hours can create income and stability in your life in a way.

It is up to you, to find out how to do that because usually there is always a way to make use out of your talents.

The thing that your soul craves you to attempt and practice

When our souls are craving for something, they know it right, because our soul is the connection between our mind and its rationality and the gut.

Together your past experiences, observations, realizations, and insights try to force you into the direction which is right for you.

Your soul is very smart since intuition is a long-analyzed and rationally thought out idea, that is presented to you in a few seconds.

Intuition is not spontaneous or created in a few seconds, it is the collection of your own observations and realizations about the world and the soul drives you to it.

The soul, for a more understandable explanation, is the feeling in your gut that tells you to do, practice and achieve something.

It is the collection of your ambitions and goals and unfulfilled desires that puts a burden on your mind during sleep if you do not do what it said.

Therefore it is evil and counter-intuitive to not follow the path of your gut as it tells you to do or not do a certain practice.

Your gut leads you to the best possible scenario that you can have.

Give a try to everything that your gut is urging to do and I promise you, you will not regret that you attempted it rather than let “What if?” questions follow you forever.

Do not reject or refuse to attempt something that you feel like you could regret in future if you did not commit to it fully as you intended to.

Always assert yourself, take the shot and gain the courage to go your own way and fulfill what you had ought to fulfill.

It is easier to see how something actually turned out for you than think about how it could have turned out.

Once you have a plan, Patience is the answer.

Remember to not give up and have patience, because not all of your efforts will deliver your desired results instantly.

And as long as you know how to use your free time properly, based on your long-term goal and mission, you can only wait and see.

Obviously you must take constant, daily action to see it, however, you must not stop doing it, if the first attempts do not bring in the desired result.

You will then wait and see if it develops fully as you expected it to develop, not that fully or only very slightly.

Take the shot, because trying something is better than not attempting at all. is The Transformation of HotMixion into a new, fresher, more authoritative and original central space for your OWN guide to The Blueprint of Freedom.




Excellent Improvement Method for Your Daily Sleep Quality

Excellent Improvement Method for Your Daily Sleep Quality by Meritorious Luminous how to beat Insomnia deprivation chronic hard fall asleep increase REM deep wave quality melatonin secretion production boost grow HGH happy mood wellbeing fitness testosterone

Let’s face it. You might not go to sleep feeling physically connected only with your body and without unwanted thoughts wandering around you.

Is it true? Then you have to help yourself and change something in it.

And maybe you are waking up and trying to force on yourself instant hyper-productivity even when your mind still attempts to enjoy the presence of darkness and adapt to the day.

I have a new technique for you. This method is a very good method for anyone that wants to fully dedicate their sleeping time only for sleep.

And for one that wants to feel smoothly transitioned and balanced flow of energy through days.

Let’s get started.

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Find Out Easily if You Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Guidance & Will

Find Out Easily if You Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Guidance & Will by Meritorious Luminous entrepreneur marketing advertising business project development money growth indepence freedom retire F.I.R.E.

Is there something that keeps you up at the nights?

Are you struggling with a feeling of unease and uncertainty about that thing you are supposed to do or feel a lack of confidence to risk and give a try to what you believe you could be good at, that could make your life easier?

What about the constant feeling of dissatisfaction with your current job or a weird and “unmatching” sensation with whoever stands above at your work hierarchy?

How many more signs there might be? You can find it out yourself and see if you need to take the path of entrepreneurship.

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Oddly Well-feeling Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Fasting in General

Oddly Well-feeling Benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Fasting in General by Meritorious Luminous anti-inflammatory anti-aging how to stop aging lose weight extra pounds fat reduce visceral mental sharpness get clarity vitality lose joint shoulder knee pain

Are you trying to lose your weight and you have implemented caloric restricted diet and have tried changing the macronutrient proportion or tried other forms of dietary/lifestyle changes that bring little to no temporary results?

Then you might be onto something. Keep reading and I will explain all the weird and good things that intermittent fasting gives to you mentally and physically.

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7 Frustratingly Toxic Mindset Patterns That are Killing you Over Time and how to Change Them Easily

7 Frustratingly Toxic Mindset Patterns That are Killing you Over Time and how to Change Them Easily by Meritorious Luminous how to get rid of bad habits and get good habits control yourself

Mental health is the most import and most valuable thing you hold in this world. When your mind is broken, the rest breaks as well. However, there are many more cases of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders reported as screening techniques and psychological methods become more developed.

Good news is that these things are diagnosed and the even better news is that nowadays many things can be fixed, by you changing your habits, and your own behaviors, with little need for massive spendings of money and appointments and other expensive, time-consuming and small result-giving methods.

As I said though – there always are good news, almost always, in contradiction with the bad news.

And in this post, I will introduce you, to some of the most common mental flaws and mistakes that we tend to let into our minds – that bring no practical value.

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Visualize Everything you Want to Happen for Amazing Results

Visualize Everything you Want to Happen for Amazing Results by Meritorious Luminous

Do you know the common saying “fake it till you make it”? Oh, yes you obviously do know it, however, that is not a saying and it is not a faking and it is also not a placebo, it is total truth.

And you can use the method of visualizing in your own life to get what you want.

Want to see how you will do it and how I have acquired positive results?

Look forward.

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